• Peace and Purpose
  • Everything we do in life should further our peace or purpose.
  • Brothers and sisters, if you have been adopted into God’s family, you have peace with God (Romans 5:1). Meditating on this brings us peace within ourselves and with our fellow man. In quietness and trust is our strength.
    In John 17, Jesus himself prayed that he wanted us to be with him in heaven. Have you wondered, “Now that I’m saved, why did God leave me here – an imperfect creature in a fallen world? Why didn’t he take me straight to heaven?” Ahhh, do you remember the answer? He left us to do the good works he had in mind when he created us (Ephesians 2:10). Although sometimes we forget this, each of us has a purpose here below.
    What is your purpose? Well, Jesus gave us two instructions before he died – to love everyone, and to share the good news of his kingdom and salvation in his name. So what we do should fit within this framework.
    AEM hopes you feel called to reach out and touch everyone around you with the gospel. We believe some of you will even pursue unreached people groups. We encourage you in this purpose.
    In ethnic evangelism we come against major strongholds and experience intense spiritual warfare. Some of the thoughts which have helped renew our minds and regenerate us for service may help you too. In this section we hope to enrich your peace so that you may better fulfill whatever purpose God has given you.

  • • Affirmations
  • • Go It Alone
  • • God's Love for His Own
  • • In the Presence of My Enemies
  • • Intercession for Islam from Psalm 24
  • • Introduction to American Ethnic Ministry Devotions
  • • Near God Meditation
  • • Prayers
  • • Taking up the Cross
  • • The Dirty Stall
  • • The Emblem of the Palm
  • • The Service or the Servant
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