People are talking to us!
And here’s what they’re saying:

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  • Christians:

    “I learned more from your training in one day, than I did in a three unit college class!”

    - Male college student about Palm Project Level I training

    “I’ve been in the force for 25 years, and I don’t have the guts to do what you do.”

    - Christian police officer

    “Just let them go to hell.”

    - Middle Eastern background Christian man at
    a Palm Project introductory training session

    “Your training was just what our church needed.”

    - Arab American pastor

    “Going on outreach with Palm Project is one of the best experiences I have had.”

    - Missionary kid in USA for university education

    “Americans should take advantage of the freedom they have to share the gospel.
    In one day here, I can preach to more Muslims here than a missionary in the Middle East can in an entire year – and I don’t get shot!”

    - AEM Middle Eastern missionary to America

    “I don’t feel well; but I wouldn’t feel well at home either, so I decided to go on outreach.”

    - Marc Weinstein, Jewish Christian AEM volunteer

    “I never feel like going on outreach, either physically or emotionally - and there’s always something ‘more important’ to do. But then I remember those people going to hell, and that Jesus told us to share with them. So I simply step out in faith! Every time I am amazed at great things God is doing through me, that would never have happened if I had stayed home.”

    - American background AEM volunteer

    “If we are afraid to die for Christ, can we really be his disciples?”

    - Muslim background AEM volunteer


    “It is right that women’s testimony should be worth half a man’s, since we’re more emotional.”

    - UC Berkeley pre-law student

    “If death is the penalty for treason against your country, what should the penalty be for treason against God?”

    - American born muslim dentist

    “We give people a long time to think about it before they become Muslims, since the penalty if they leave will be death.”

    - Arab/American mini-mart owner

    “You Christians say you fear nothing except God, right? Then why did no one come to me when I was in the ghetto?”

    - Black American convert to Islam

    “I had the best time in my life!”

    - - Arab woman after being entertained by AEM volunteers

    “Why are you caring for us when those who are supposed to do not?”

    - Arab woman with cancer visiting the USA for treatment

    “You have the answers, he is wrong. We want to study with you!”

    - A group of Muslim male university students after listening to a
    discussion between one of our researcher/evangelists and a
    leading Muslim debater

    “Our Imam (mosque leader) uses you as an example of dedicated faith.”

    - Devout Muslim contact

    “This is the first time I have heard about Allah’s justice and the sacrifices. I will think about it.”

    - Egyptian/American engineering student

    “You are the first Christian I have spoken to that makes sense!”

    - Pakistani/American university student in hijab, after hearing
    the Path of the Prophets

    “All religions teach the same thing.”

    - Sikh physician

    “God is with you. I can see it in your eyes.”

    - Persian Zoroastrian woman

    “It’s beautiful. I believe it is the way to God!”

    - Pakistani/American woman at a festival, after hearing
    the Path of the Prophets

    “All religions teach the same thing.”

    - Sikh physician

    “Can we all be saved?”

    - Sikh child making a gospel bracelet at the Punjabi American Festival

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