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  • The Path of the Prophets Gospel Method –
  • Build bridges, Preach Christ, Challenge Islam
    We believe that every interaction of Christians called to share with Muslims should do one or more of these three things, depending on the setting and amount of time you will have. In our training we specifically tell you how to do all three. Here, we will focus on the most important:
  • Preach Christ -AEM has developed a new method of sharing the gospel with Muslims, called The Path of the Prophets. This method is well adapted to preaching, tracts, and storytelling with special tools such as bracelets, and wordless books. It is now being used by workers of several organizations in America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.
    The greatest love for Muslims is to share the gospel with them. But Islamic doctrine has walls to traditional methods of sharing the gospel. They think we are stupid to believe that God would become a man and die for our sins. We have found that even when Muslims “pray the prayer” to receive Christ after traditional gospel presentations, they usually do not understand it. For example, one told Dr. C, “Oh yes, we have that same prayer in the Koran.” Obviously, there is a need for a deeper understanding of the gospel message.
    The Path of the Prophets method was pioneered by one of our Middle East evangelist/researchers after years of winning Muslims for Christ on three continents. It presents the gospel chronologically by using Bible characters familiar to Muslims; but in contrast to some methods which contextualize the gospel, preaches from the Bible, not the Koran.
    The lives of Old Testament characters, whom Muslims call “prophets”, are used to make progressive points leading to the gospel. It uses terms familiar to them, including the word “Allah”. Some Christians object to using this word for God, pointing out the differences in character between the Allah and Jehovah. We agree with the differences, and we intentionally discuss them in the presentation. But Christians of all denominations and Bibles in the Middle East use the word “Allah”, so we also use it. Jesus is a rose that by any name smells sweet!
    What Christians don’t usually perceive is that almost every sentence in this method, until Isaiah is mentioned, relates to a concept in Islam. For example, the sacrifice of Abraham’s son relates to their most holy occasion, Eid al Adha, the Festival of the Sacrifice, which is still celebrated with blood sacrifice today. (Be careful not to get sidetracked into Isaac vs. Ishmael in the sacrifice.)
    Muslims believe “no one is saved apart from the mercy of God”. We agree. But The Path of the Prophets method emphasizes that God is just as well as merciful, and he has shown us that his justice requires blood sacrifice. Only in Jesus are God’s justice and mercy balanced.
    Time after time when we explain the gospel this way, Muslims are amazed. We see the “click” in their eyes. Finally they understand what before seemed nonsense. This does not necessarily mean they accept it. Our job is to set forth the truth clearly and pray for the Spirit to use it (John 4:24, II Corinthians 4:2, John 6:44).
    See Resources for The Path of the Prophets in multiple languages and formats.

  • Favorite scriptures
  • for working with Muslims: Many scriptures seem fresh after sharing your faith with Muslims. We have found these especially helpful, and suggest you meditate on them. Especially, spend time thinking deeply and praying about the reasons for Jesus coming to earth, and his atonement:
    John 4:24 – “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth."
    John 6:44 - "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.”
    Luke 1:35 - spiritual Son of God (description similar to Koran’s)
    Romans 3:21-27 - justice and atonement
    John 5:31-39 – Jesus discusses the three reasons we should follow him (Neither                             Mohammed nor any other prophet had these!)
    Isaiah 9:6 - predicts “Mighty God, Everlasting Father” will come to earth. Preserved in the                      Dead Sea scrolls before Christ
    Isaiah 53 – Messiah as sacrifice for us
    Hebrews 2:10 – fitting that God suffers since all is his
    John 4:48 – There are some people that need miracles to believe. Let’s pray for them!

  • Training- We train those who feel seriously called to reach out to Muslims, and to establish teams. Our training is customized, but is based on two standard full day trainings levels:
    Level One – focuses on Building Bridges and Preaching Christ. Many ministries talk                        about Islam in theory. Since we reach out to Muslims daily, we teach you                        practical ways to share the gospel in word and deed.
    Level Two – focuses on Challenging Islam (apologetics and polemics). Our regular                         involvement in discussion and debate enable us to know the up to date                        arguments for and against Islam.
    Laboratories - practical training with us on outreach
    Internship - intensive training for weeks or months by special arrangement
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