• We have developed a wide variety of resources, some of which we can share with you here! We hope that soon professional productions will be available for most of these, as well as books for The Path of the Prophets, Palm Project, and Flower in the Furnace. At this time we give permission to download and copy the tracts listed here for your ministry use as if you:
    1) list the author as Palm Project, American Ethnic Ministries, or Niche Tracts, as     indicated
    2) do not alter the content, and
    3) do not sell them.
    Note: When you format the Path of the Prophets you will find “Narrative Format” which you would read as a page, and “Tract Format” which you could photocopy back to back and cut into thirds to assemble into booklets about 3 ½ by 4 inches. (Not all languages are available in Tract Format yet.) The other tracts are to be photocopied like fliers.

  • Path of the Prophets Tracts
  • • English/Arabic Path of the Prophets
  • • French Path of the Prophets
  • • Indonesian Path of the Prophets
  • • Portuguese Path of the Prophets
  • • Spanish Path of the Prophets

  •   English narrative format
      English tract format
      Spanish (pending)
      Chinese “
      Urdu “
      Farsi “
  • Basic Christianity for Muslims
  • • Basic Christianity for Muslims Tract, Arabic
  • • Basic Christianity for Muslims Tract, English

  •   English
  • • Basic Islam for Americans, English
  • • Norouz Tract
  • • Good Friday for Muslims
  • • Ramadan Blessing
  • • Ramadan Prophets, English
    • Eid al Adha, English
    • Allah’s Valentine, English
  • • Christ of Christmas for Muslims
  • • My Favorite Christmas Prophecies
  • • The Present of His Presence
  • • September 11 for Muslims
  • • Why Follow a Prophet
    • Path of the Prophets Bracelet Instructional Guide (The bracelets are pending mass   production. Meanwhile, use this instructional guide to make and share the gospel with   your own! You can also use the colors suggested for the beads as colored pages of a   “Path of the Prophets” wordless book. These are great tools for closed country mission   fields, festivals, children’s ministries, etc!)


  • • Basic Christianity for Sikhs
  • • Basic Sikhism for Americans
  • • Gospel Bracelet Color Key
  • • Fu Tract (Chinese Blessing)
      Chinese, simplified
      Chinese, traditional (pending)
      Niche Tracts


  • Enable Us - a new missions hymn (for personal and collective worship; publication and recording rights reserved)
  • more music here
  • • Enable Us
  • • Enable Us1
  • Instructional pages which may also be used as tracts:
    Basic Christianity for Muslims
    Basic Islam for Americans
  • Basic Sikhism for Americans Basic Christianity for Sikhs
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